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Business & Enterprise

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The Faculty

The Business Studies faculty aims to provide our pupils with enterprise, employability, literacy and numeracy skills. We also encourage pupils to work as a team to develop interpersonal and presentation skills and to take part in local and national competitions.

We offer National 3, Natonal 4, National 5 and Higher to pupils from S4 to S6, as well as a Broad General Education (BGE) in Enterprise and ICT to pupils in S1, S2 and S3. We also take part in 'Micro Tyco', 'We Are in Business', 'Coca Cola Challenge' and 'Stock Market Challenge'. Our pupils have won various national and local competitions and have made us proud.


Business Management and Administration are taught by enthusiastic teachers, all with industry experience. Business Studies is a popular subject, with many pupils going on to study the subject at university, while some begin apprenticeships or go directly into jobs. Business Studies classrooms are bright and pupil-friendly, as well as being equipped with computers, laptops and books for pupils to use for their work.

Trips and Visits

We enjoy taking pupils on numerous field trips to experience the subject in the outside world. Pupils have visited Alton Towers, Blackpool, Nando's, Reya restaurant, M&D's, Coca Cola factory plus the Kingdom Centre. Miss Khanam also organised a trip to Bangladesh for pupils and staff.