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Studying At Home.

In the event of school closure please follow the instructions below for each year group to continue your studies from home.

National 5

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Why choose this subject?

“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it” (George Satyana).

You cannot solve a problem without understanding what caused it. We live in a world where conflicts rage, inequality and injustice still exist. History allows us to investigate societies and cultures, look at periods of political, economic and social change in the past, examine the causes of, and the methods used in the past to resolve, conflicts.

History gives us the excitement of discovery and the reward of solving real world problems. It challenges us to be creative and take on different perspectives. In addition, History gives us a broader understanding of the multicultural society in which we live. Besides, studying History is also fun!

SQA Information

Link to SQA site for Nat 4, Nat 5, Higher and Advanced Higher History for past papers and guidelines Web icon

 What skills will you learn?

History is the study of people and societies of the past. It encourages pupils to develop empathy and a sense of Global Citizenship. Through History you will learn skills such as critical thinking through the analysis of historical sources, using evidence to develop reasoned argument, problem solving, evaluating, analytical skills and decision-making, research and investigative skills, team working, planning skills, applying knowledge and understanding and using oral presentation skills. There is also a strong focus on literacy from investigations at National 4 and 5 to essay writing skills at Higher.

 What topics will you study?

The S3 History course has 3 units – Scottish, British, and World History. In the Scottish unit, you will examine Scotland’s Story from the birth of our nation to today, and choose a theme in Scottish History that you will personally explore further through research. You will also investigate Britain’s involvement in the First World War in the British unit, and look at how war impacted on the soldiers and civilians. In our World History unit, you will explore the development of America, looking at the conflict between white and Native Americans, and how slavery shaped society into the 20th century.

History courses at National 4, 5 and Higher have 3 units – Scottish; British; and European and World History. At National 4/5 you will study why immigrants came to Scotland and how Scots contributed to the modern world. We will examine injustice in society through issues such as the Slave Trade and Revolution in Russia. At Higher you will study the rise of nationalism and Nazi power in Germany. You will examine the growth of democracy in Britain and the impact that the First World War had on Scotland as a nation. Advanced Higher will focus on one unit – the American Civil War.

 What careers are available?

History is a valuable subject as the skills that you will acquire will facilitate further study in many subjects, and are transferrable to a variety of different jobs. Careers include: Archaeology; Teaching; Museum and Gallery Services; Library and Information work; Heritage; Tourism; Restoration and Conservation of Historic Properties; Records and Archive work; Genealogy; Law; Journalism and the Media; Publishing; Civil Service; Local Government; Politics and International Relations; among many others.