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How to find a job


(N.B. If you want your CV checked over, or want advice about job seeking, please come along to the  careers drop in, in school.


The search engine looks through job websites to find the type of vacancy you are looking for in the geographical area you want to work in.

In Fife, useful websites for school leaver vacancies are, For apprenticeship vacancies, use or

N.B. Some companies will ask you to complete an online application form and others will ask you to submit a CV, with a cover letter. See for advice.

As an alternative to using the CV builder tool on the My World of Work website, this template helps you see how to lay out your CV.

Apply direct

If there is a company you really want to work for or if you find out that there is a local company who is expanding, write or email direct to the company with your CV and a cover letter to ask if they have any vacancies and explaining why you want to work for the company. If you hear back that there are no vacancies, ask that the company keeps you in mind for any future vacancies. 

Hidden Job Market

An estimated 2/3rds of jobs are not advertised. Before they even post a vacancy, employers may look at who they can promote internally or ask colleagues if they know of anyone suitable. Make sure your family, friends and neighbours know you are looking for a job – USE YOUR NETWORKS!

Recruitment Agencies

To find local recruitment agencies, search online. Recruitment agencies will usually ask you to submit your CV and will usually arrange a meeting to find out more about you and the type of vacancies you are looking for. Please note that very few recruitment agencies deal with school leaver vacancies.