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Numeracy across Learning

Glenrothes High Whole -School Numeracy Policy


 The Numeracy Principles and Practices paper describes being numerate as:

The confidence and competence in using number which will allow individuals to solve problems, analyse information and make informed decisions based on calculations.

- Numeracy Principles and Practice

All teachers have responsibility for promoting the development of numeracy. With an increased emphasis upon numeracy for all young people, teachers will need to plan to revisit and consolidate numeracy skills throughout schooling.

- Building the Curriculum 1 (2006)

At Glenrothes High School, we are committed to developing the Numeracy skills of our learners, in the belief that it will support their learning, enabling them to access the whole curriculum and in turn raise standards for all.

Raising standards in Numercay across the school cannot be based solely on increased test percentages. There is a need to evaluate the pupils’ ability to transfer mathematical skills into other subject areas, applying techniques to problem solving


The aims of this policy document are to:

  • To develop a whole school approach to Numeracy across the curriculum.
  • To recognize the importance of Numeracy in all subjects across the curriculum.
  • To identify the strategies used in Mathematical teaching in different curricular areas and develop a common approach.
  • To encourage staff to take responsibility for the development of Numeracy in each subject area.
  • To raise staff and pupil awareness of key Numeracy strategies.
  • To encourage learners to transfer Mathematical skills and apply them in everyday and unknown contexts.


Roles and Responsibilities

The SLT will:

 Identify improving attainment in Numeracy as a key target for whole-school development and ensure its continued high profile.

 Monitor and evaluate the implementation of the whole school Numeracy policy using a variety of methods including:

  • lesson observations
  • work sampling
  • conversations with pupils
  • scrutiny of faculty development plans
  • Numeracy team meetings
  • providing CPD for staff as required
  • providing finance for resources including intervention strategies for those who have fallen behind.

The PTC Numeracy will:

  • Assist in the monitoring and evaluation of Numeracy across the curriculum
  • Keep up-to-date with current initiatives and recommended good practice
  • Co-ordinate cross curricular Numeracy initiatives.
  • Guide the Numeracy Representatives, through regular contact, on initiatives that they, in turn, can share with their subject leaders.

The Numeracy Representatives from each faculty will:

  • Attend all Numeracy training and meetings.
  • Report relevant information.
  • Share training with their departments.

PTC’s will:

  • Ensure that the representative carries out their role within the department.
  • Ensure that 'subject specific Numeracy' is clearly identified in schemes of work, and that there is obvious progression through the key stages.
  • Ensure that all department members are aware of the Numeracy demands of their subject

Teachers of Mathematics will:

  • Be aware of Mathematical technique used in other subjects and offer advice and assistance to other departments to ensure a consistent approach is used.
  • Provide information to other teachers on appropriate expectations of students and difficulties likely to be experienced in various age and ability groups.
  • Through liaison with other teachers, ensure that pupils have appropriate numeracy skills by the time they are needed for work in other subjects.
  • Seek opportunities to use topics and exam questions from other subjects in Mathematical lessons.

All Teaching Staff will:

  • Ensure they are familiar with the Glenrothes High School Whole- School Numeracy Policy.
  • Ensure they are familiar with correct Mathematical language and notation relating to their own subject and encourage pupils to use these correctly.
  • Provide information for Mathematics teachers on the stage at which specific numeracy skills will be required for particular groups.
  • Provide resources for Mathematics teachers to allow them to use applications of numeracy relating to other subjects in mathematics lessons.
  • Include a Numeracy objective in lessons where appropriate.
  • Be aware of appropriate expectations of students and difficulties that might be experienced with numeracy skills.

Use SFL and Maths age information to ensure that resources and teaching and learning activities are differentiated accordingly.

Teaching Assistants will:

  • Support the teaching staff in the delivery of Numeracy objectives in lessons.
  • Undertake/support Numercay activities when working in the classroom or with individual pupils where appropriate.
  • Use information about SFL pupils or others whose Numeracy has been identified as weak, in order to support those pupils.

There will be consistency in teaching Numeracy across the school

  • All departments use Curriculum for Excellence documents to ensure their schemes of work and lesson plans incorporate the Numeracy experiences and outcomes relevant to their individual subject areas.
  • High expectation of standards of accuracy and presentation are similar in all classrooms.
  • All teachers should discourage pupils from writing down an answer only and should encourage pupils to write down full working for their answers.
  • The numercay learning that pupils are doing in Mathematics and other specific programmes is consolidated in other lessons.
  • Teachers use the same terminology to describe language.
  • Common curricular targets are agreed for each year group and are built into subject plans.
  • All pupils should be helped to understand the methods that they are using or being taught – students gain more and are more likely to remember if they understand rather than are merely repeating by rote.

Our Strategy for the Implementation of the Whole School Numeracy Policy 

  1. SLT will identify improving attainment in Numeracy as a key target for whole-school development.
  1. We will agree whole school Numeracy priorities and strategies for Numeracy development and ensure all staff are aware of these.
  1. We will appoint Numeracy Representatives in all departments to support the PTC Numeracy and Numeracy development.
  1. We will identify training needs of staff and plan for professional development.
  1. We will monitor and evaluate progress in the implementation of the policy.