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Local Labour Market Information


How it used to be:            

A large number of people worked in factories, coal mines,  farming and fishing

 Few women in the workplace.

 Most people found job vacancies by checking boards in Job Centres or looking in newspapers.

Qualifications were often not important and the majority of  school leavers went straight into employment when they left school.

How it is now:           

Most people now work in service industries such as IT,  business services, sales, hospitality, health, education   and public services.

Equal numbers of women in the workplace, increasingly in highly skilled occupations.

People find jobs on a wide range of web sites.  Importance of CVs and online applications.

 Qualifications now very important and the majority of school leavers go to college or university before starting  regular employment.

Areas of Growth:   

  1. ICT and Digital Technologies – 32% 12,800 jobs predicted in Scotland each year until 2024. Thousands of businesses in financial services, creative industries, life sciences and public sector depend on technology professionals to deliver their services. Jobs are not just coders and software developers – there are jobs in digital marketing, graphic design, database analysis, cyber security, new products and services through smartphones and tablets, gaming, cloud computing, social media. N.B. More people on this planet own a mobile phone than a toothbrush!
  2. Health and Social Work – 17%
  3. Construction – 12%

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