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Why Volunteer PDF icon

Why Would I Do This?

Taking pride and gaining enjoyment from the activities you take part in
Develop your teamwork, communication and leadership skills
Meaningful contribution to society
Personal statements / references
Gaining a nationally recognised award

What Is Volunteering?

Giving up your own time to help others (without payment)
In-school activities
Out-of-school activities
Can add up hours from both
Hours can be back-dated for up to 2 years

What Counts As Volunteering?

Extra- Curricular Activities e.g. Sports / Music / Spiritual / Academic / Environmental / Enterprise
Student Tutoring / Buddying / Community Placements
Duke of Edinburgh (Volunteering Section) Committees e.g. Yearbook, Prom, Graduation
Charity work / fundraising – e.g. Lassallian
Events – Information Nights, Parents’ Evenings, Mass, Disco’s, Talent Shows, School Show

What Do I Need To Do Now?

Give the details of the voluntary work undertaken to Mr Hewitt

Further Information